Model No.: CH4PGHX

Type: Chipping Hammer


  • Weight (Kg):8.17
  • Overall Length (mm):460
  • Shank (mm):14.7o
  • Bore (mm):28.6
  • Stroke (mm):101.6
  • Frequency (bpm):1375
  • Air Consumption (m3/min):0.99
  • Hose size (mm):12.7

Industries Applicable

  • Mining and Construction
  • Foundry and Forge
  • Floor and Concrete preparation
  • Assembly and Fabrication
  • Offshore and Marine

Jobs Applicable

  • LIght Concrete Demolition
  • Roughening Concrete Surface
  • Scaling and scrabbling concrete and metal surfaces
  • Chipping and Dressing Concrete, Caulking , Fettling and Deflashing castings and forgimgs
  • Medium Concrete Demolition
  • Heavy Concrete Demolition
  • Extra Heavy Duty Concrete Demolition
  • Light Rock and Concrete Drilling
  • Heavy Duty Rock and Concrete Drilling
  • Extra Heavy Duty Rock and Concrete Drilling
  • Pumping , Fluid Transfer and Dewatering
  • Metal Drillling and Wood Boring, Air Motor applications
  • Consolidating and ramming backfill and earth
  • Foundry mould compaction